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Be agile…

The key in a complex world is to be agile. Masters have know this for centuries.

Now there is social technology that can support people developing an agile and growth mindset - eduScrum

As eduScrum in the USA we want to support students and teachers to have an Agile mindset not by doing Agile, but being Agile and we will use eduScrum as a tool to give structure to their own learning and team process, so that they will become happy, creative, critical thinkers, good communicators and self-determined people that contribute to a better world. - Christian Wandeler & Willy Wijnands

eduScrumUSA now is offering various professional development formats.

- 1h introduction webinar

- 6 week online course

- onsite K-12 teacher training (1 or 2 day)

- onsite faculty teacher training (1 or 2 day)

- onsite administrator training for K-12 or University (1 day)