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The eduScrum Guide

The “Rules of the game”

Written by Arno Delhij, Rini van Solingen and Willy Wijnands

Reviewed by Jeff Sutherland (co-founder of scrum, co-signer of the agile manifesto)

This guide contains the minimum set of requirements for successfully working with eduScrum. Any element that could be removed has been removed, but no more than that. Therefore ALL elements presented in this guide are mandatory for working with eduScrum. If you choose to eliminate certain elements, that's fine. But then it is no longer eduScrum. Adding elements to this framework is very common (and desirable) and as long as the framework is respected this is fine. The framework is lightweight and offers plenty of room for a personal touch.

We do recommend that you get training and become a certified eduScrum practitioner. It is the most effective learning and the coaching will support the implementation. It is the same way that less fun and effective to learn a new sport or new instrument by reading a manual.

You can download the English version of the guide here.


More to come


More to come