eduScrum in Higher Education

Higher Education is an ideal environment for the application of agile working methods such as eduScrum.

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eduScrum can be used in instruction at the undergraduate and graduate level.

It is a great way to support faculty in being more student-centered.

  • It can transform traditional lectures

  • Facilitate project based learning, service learning…

  • Support faculty in mentoring students for project, theses, or dissertations

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eduScrum makes it easier for faculty to collaborate with each other. It can be used to facilitate

  • department and committee meetings
  • research projects and grants
  • grant applications
  • faculty learning communities...

Case study Educational Doctorate at California State University, Fresno


This case study is an example of a faculty implementing eduScrum to create a more student-centered learning environment and teach Doctoral students leadership skills.

In the video you will see the reaction of Dr. Debra Harris, who was coached by Dr. Christian Wandeler, at the beginning and after one semester of applying eduScrum.

In the video you will also see some impressions of the students’ experience with eduScrum.

At the very end of the video there are two students suffering an acute case of eduScrum withdrawal the semester afterwards without their team and the structure eduScrum provides.