Bringing eduScrum to the USA

The pedagogical framework eduScrum was developed in the Netherlands by Willy Wijnands. It combines collaboration and work methods from software teams in the Silicon Valley with a pedagogical approach focused on personal, leadership and team development.

So in a sense we are bringing scrum, an “American” approach to work that is used worldwide, back to US education. While doing this we want to be culturally responsive and be mindful about potential differences. But really it is about preparing people for a global world and the future of work.

According to Willy Wijnands “The main goal of eduScrum is to put students in the driver seat and give them wings”.

In the age of common core, the 4C’s, the 5E’s, college and career readiness many school districts and universities are looking for ways to create the learning environments to prepare students for the future.

As with the achievement gap or the social-emotional skills gap, responsible educational leaders have the responsibility to assure that underserved students do not have another disadvantage to overcome, but on the contrary become ready for the careers of the future and develop their leadership skills and voice.

EduScrum is a method that offers teacher a very solid structure within which they can facilitate the personal development of students. They can develop the leadership and collaboration skills necessary for the future. I believe that eduScrum will give students not only wings, but voice.