Willy Wijnands (Left) and Christian Wandeler (Right)

Willy Wijnands (Left) and Christian Wandeler (Right)

About Us

Christian Wandeler, Associate Professor at California State University, Fresno

Christian is passionate about supporting the self-determination of people and developing human potential. He found eduScrum to be a great tool to support student-centered learning and started using it in his University courses. He is trained by Willy Wijnands to teach educators and administrators the eduScrum method. He founded eduScrumUSA and represents Willy in the USA. His mission is to bring eduScrum to the United States and conduct research about it’s impact on people. He is particularly committed to making eduScrum available to people from underserved backgrounds.

Willy Wijnands, High School chemistry teacher in Netherlands, founder and developer of eduScrum.

Willy Wijnands is a passionate chemistry and physics teacher on the Ashram College in Alphen aan de Rijn and Aikido teacher. He is the initiator and founder of eduScrum and co-founder of the worldwide initiative "Agile in Education". Co-author of the eduScrum guide and co-author of "Scrum in Actie" and co-author of ”Agile and Lean Concepts for Teaching and Learning”. He works with many educators around the world, notably in Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, USA, …